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DISHA ENETRPRISES one of the best Labour Law Consultant in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra and India. We helped many people across India with our services.

We have been in the industry for over more than 2 decades, Our Labour Law Consultants offers expert advice on Provident fund (PF), ESIC, and Employee State Insurance.

We have been in the business of providing consulting services for over more than 20 years now. The Labour Law Consultant in Pune has a team of experienced consultants who are experts in the respective fields such as finance, HR, legal, and marketing.

Our team offers various benefits like flexible working hours, employee’s health insurance, career growth opportunities and much more. We have a team of highly skilled experts who provide the best service to our clients.


Labour Law Compliance can help employers by providing advice on how to avoid and/or mitigate risks and liability related to labour law compliance. The steps involved in hiring a Labour Law Compliance Service are as follows:

  • Find out if you need a Labour Law Compliance Service (LLCS)
  • Check if your business is subject to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA)
  • Determine if you need an ESA certificate
  • Understand what your responsibilities are as an employer
  • Gather information about LLCS companies

The benefits of hiring a labour law compliance service include:

  • Providing a comprehensive overview of the company’s operations and how they comply with labour laws.
  • Ensuring that employees are aware of their rights, responsibilities, and obligations in their workplace.
  • Helping employers overcome any potential legal issues before they arise.

Labour Law Consultant Services are essential for ensuring that employers follow the proper procedures when hiring new employees. They can also help companies avoid any legal issues or penalties related to Labour Laws.
It is important for businesses to have a Labour Law Compliance Service on their side to ensure that they are not breaking any rules and regulations.

DISHA ENETRPRISES is a Labour Law Consultant in Pune that has been an established name for providing high-quality services for the last 20 years, which is why it is one of the best options for your business.
The Labour Law Experts at the Labour Law Compliance Services Labour Law Consultant/Contractor/Compilance in Pune help the clients to mitigate risks associated with labour law compliance by following a systematic approach.

Labour Law Compliance Services are required by many different types of companies. They may be required for a company's new start-up or for an existing company that has undergone a change in ownership.

Labour Law Compliance Consultant/Contractor in Pune can be defined as a systematic approach to ensuring that employers are complying with all relevant labour laws. The purpose of this is not just for Compliance but also to ensure that employers are creating a safe work environment for their employees.

PF ESI Consultant Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad

What is our Speciality?

  • We are always looking for new ways to take our services to the next level. Our team of Labour Law Consultants /Contractor/Compilance in Pune is one of them.

  • Our team of professional lawyers and legal consultants have been providing services to our clients for the past two decades.

  • The Labour Law Consultant in Pimpri Chinchwad makes sure that you get the best legal advice and help you find solutions to your problems.

  • Our Labour Law Consultant in Pune will take care of your case from beginning till end, so that you don't have to worry about anything else while dealing with your work-related issues.

Labour Law Consultant Overview

Labour Law Consultant is a job that involves advising on Labour law and its regulations. They often have to deal with complicated regulations and different legal cases.
Labour Laws are constantly evolving and it's not always easy to keep up with the changes. A Labour Law Consultant can help you navigate through these changes by providing you with advice and guidance on how to avoid penalties or fines.

Labour Law Consultants can be classified into three main types:

  • Those who work as full-time employees of law firms
  • Those who work as independent contractors
  • Those who work as part-time employees of law firms

It governs employment, labour relations, and work issues. The Law covers a wide range of issues such as hours of work, working conditions, pay rates, and employee rights.

Characteristics: Labour Law Consultant :

Labour Law Consultant is an expert in Labour Law who provides assistance to employers and employees in understanding the Laws that affect their employment relationship. They also provide guidance on how to comply with legal requirements for Labour laws and offer advice on how to avoid legal risk.
The role of a Labour Law Consultant Contractor/Compilance in Pune is not to be confused with that of an employment Lawyer. The Labour Law Consultant Contractor/Compilance in Pune does not provide legal advice for employees and their rights, but rather for employers. These are qualified professionals who understand the intricacies of the law, which makes them more valuable than most other Consultants in this field.
They are specially trained to understand labour law and its implications for employers. Labour Law Consultant can provide a wide range of services, including advising on pay rates, employee leaves, employment contracts and workplace changes.

Features of Labour Law Consultant Contractor/Compilance

Labour Law is a collection of Laws that regulate the relationship between employers and employees, which is primarily concerned with ensuring fairness in employment relationships. It regulates the conditions under which workers are allowed to work, how much they are paid, and their rights to organize in trade unions.
It sets out the rights and duties of employees and employers, including working hours, remuneration, and discrimination, termination without notice, work injuries and working conditions.

The features of Labour Law Consultant are as follows:

The Law protects workers from being exploited by employers, protecting them from being forced to work for longer hours than they are paid, with no overtime Pay, or with no break time for meals or rest periods

  • The Law protects employees from having their wages with held without good cause.
  • The Law protects employees from being discriminated against based on gender, race, religion, Sexual orientation or disability status.
  • The Law provides protection to employees who have worked for the same employer for twenty or more years.
  • The Law protects employees who perform work at home and provides protection against unpaid wages and wrongful termination.
  • The Law prohibits discrimination based on gender and Sexual orientation.
  • The Law regulates working hours for women and children.

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