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How to get the best Professional Labour Contractor in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra?

DISHA ENETRPRISES is the best Labour Contractor in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra and India that offers the best labour contractor services. The Labour Contractor in Pune has been providing Labour Services since the 20 years. We provide skilled and experienced manpower to help you with your work.
We have been successful in providing flexible work opportunities for people who can work from anywhere and offer a comprehensive training for the people who are looking to start their career as a labour contractor.
The Labour Contractor in Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra and India offers services in the fields of manpower management, recruitment, and outsourcing. We provide the services to both domestic and national clients across various industries such as manufacturing, IT/ITES, BPOs, healthcare, education, etc.


A Labour Contractor is someone that provides services in the field of Labour, including recruitment, training, placement, and management. Labour contractors work with both employers and employees to provide solutions that help them meet their goals and objectives.

The Labour Contractor Cost is the amount of money you will have to pay in order to hire a contractor. This cost includes the service fee, the deposit, and any other costs. The cost of Labour Contractor will vary depending on what type of job you want them to do. This includes things like the size of your project and how long it will take them to complete it.

Labour Contractors in Pune offer their services to different types of clients such as:

  • Companies that need a workforce for a specific task or project.
  • Companies that want to outsource their workforce needs.
  • Individual employers who need temporary or part-time workers.
  • Individuals looking for work opportunities as labourers.

Labour Contractors offer various benefits, such as:

  • Flexible workforce: Labour Contractors offer a flexible workforce that can be hired or dismissed at will by the client. This is an advantage for companies and individuals who need to hire temporary staff on a short-term basis.
  • Hiring and firing process: The hiring process is quick and easy with labour contractors, as they only require basic information about the job requirement from the client before starting work for them.
  • Cost effectiveness: Labour Contractors are cost effective when it comes to hiring temporary workers, as they charge relatively less than other service providers in this sector.

Labour Contractors are responsible for hiring, training and managing employees for a company. They are responsible for finding the best candidate that fits the specific needs of the company.

The process of hiring labour contractors is not always straight forward. The first step is to identify whether or not you need a Labour Contractor. You should also consider if you need a full-time or temporary labour contractor before making an offer.

Labour Contractor can be hired to find a job for someone who is currently unemployed and provide them with the necessary skills and experience for the job, or to help with the application process. They also complete administrative tasks such as filling out paperwork, filing taxes, or finding work-related medical insurance.

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Why Prefer Us?

  • The Labour Contractor in Pune offers services at affordable rates, which are far less than what other companies charge for similar services.

  • Our team has years of experience in the labour contracting industry.

  • We have an excellent track record when it comes to providing our clients with quality manpower at all times.

  • We have been able to provide our clients with quality human resources at the service and ensure that they have a safe and secure work environment.


Labour Contractor is a term used to refer to a person who is employed on an hourly contract. They are given specific tasks and are paid for their work. They may also be referred to as labour hire Contractors, Labour hire workers, or labour service providers. They work in the field of construction and are hired by companies to do the job. They usually work on a temporary basis and take care of various tasks that need to be done during construction.
Labour Contractors help businesses by filling positions on short notice, reducing the cost of recruitment, and providing flexible schedules for employees who need to work irregular hours. They are often hired by companies to complete specific tasks such as site clearance, demolition or excavation work.
These contractors often use different types of labour supply. Hourly labour suppliers, such as Labourer’s and Labourers, usually work on a temporary basis and are paid by the hour. Day Labour Contractors are charged for each day worked on site, whereas trade Labour Suppliers work in return for a fixed price.

Importance of hiring Labour Contractor

Labour Contractor is a term that is used to describe someone who does not have a permanent job, but rather has one-off assignments and projects. They are the backbone of the workforce, and they work with many different industries like construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and more.
The main function of Labour Contractor Contractor is to provide skilled workers for the company during the construction process. The need of Labour Contractors has increased as companies have started to outsource their work to them. Companies can now focus on their core competencies and leave the rest to Labour Contractors.

Labour Contractors are often employed by businesses to perform tasks such as:

  • Project management
  • Business development
  • Recruitment
  • Event organisation
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Financial auditing

Why We Hire Labour Contractors?

Labour Contractors are individuals who work for a fixed price, or on a per-project basis. They are not employees of the company they work for, but they have the same rights and responsibilities as employees. They offer services that include sourcing, screening, interviewing and managing candidates.
These are generally hired to build, provide, fix or maintain a product or service that you have already created and can't afford to pay somebody else to do it. In this case, you might not need dedicated employees with full time commitments and could instead use contractors to outsource specific tasks.

Labour Contractors can be used in many different scenarios such as:

  • When you need to outsource some tasks that don't require full time commitment from your team.
  • When you need to find someone with specific skillsets.
  • When you need to find someone who has experience in certain projects or niche areas.
  • When you want to save money on your current team members' salaries.
  • Labour contractors can find and screen candidates within certain timeframes
  • They can manage large amounts of candidates
  • Labour contractors can also interview applicants according to specific criteria

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