Labour Contract /Temporary Staffing

This means Transitioning pre-identified employees of the client onto our rolls & also providing new employees as per the requirements of client and managing the HR, admin and Regulatory compliance. In this we can Provide Skilled, Semiskilled, and Unskilled Labour as well as temporary staff relating to HR, Admin, Design, IT, Quality, etc on contract basis. The relationship between the Client and Disha Enterprises is established with a Contract Agreement (CA). The CA establishes a three party relationship whereby Disha Enterprises acts as the employer of the temporary employee who works at the clients premises. Under the CA, Disha Enterprises assumes responsibility for the personnel administration and compliance for most employment related government regulations, while the client retains the employee’s services in its business and remains the employer for various other purposes.

Service Highlights

  • Temp employees stay on our rolls on fixed term basis

  • Personnel and payroll administration provided

  • Simple and standard contractual procedures

  • Capability in handling workforce issues

  • Statutory compliance and related administration

  • Registration of employees under EPF & ESIC schemes

  • Timely remittances of statutory payments - EPF, ESIC, TDS, Professional Tax, LWF.


  • Flexibility to choose and select the right candidates

  • Administrative part is completely handled by at our end

  • Assured Compliance - ESI, PF, Ptax, LWF, bonus, gratuity etc.

  • Income tax compliance and remittances for contractual and temporary employees

  • Coordination and compliance in case of accidents to contractual and temporary employees

  • Inspections under any labour statute are coordinated and handled by us for contractual and temporary employees

  • Payroll administration is Flexibility in manpower resource optimization

  • Overheads limited to statutory requirements Minimizing long term liabilities


Joining & Onboarding:

Offer letter and CTC break up will be issued to selected Emplyee as per agreement in interview Work contract will be made between employee client & Disha Enterprises for fix term.

Payroll Operation:

Disha enterprises will collect attendance and other inputs from clients Payroll will be prepared as per attendance and Invoice will be raised accordingly Salary will be disbursed once payment is received from client. Disha Enterprises will take care of all statutory compliance like monthly and yearly challans and returns amount of employer contribution will be claimed from Principal Employer through invoice.

Exit Formalities :

Full and final settlement of Employee Providing relieving letter Employees working under staffing contract will get all the benefits those are made applicable by various Labour laws and statutory compliance will be maintained by Disha Enterprises accordingly.

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